Customer testimonial of the month


Each month we like to showcase one of our glowing reviews on our website, to celebrate the happy customers and show our appreciation. Here is our favorite from this month


March 11, 2019

Greetings --

     I would like to recommend Jeff Thorsnes as a contractor and an expert craftsman…    Over the last several years, Mr. Thorsnes has done several small and medium residential projects for me.   The work covers mechanical/structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and appearance/decorative/architectural items and areas and covered some unique and sophisticated engineering situations and problems…   In all work, I found Mr. Thorsnes highly efficient, inventive and protective in the use of time, materials, manpower, tools and equipment, rentals and reaching ultimately an outstanding project outcome

      I am especially interested in safety/security…    Mr. Thorsnes gives great care to safety and security as related his workmen, general public and owners, the property being worked on and the surrounding properties, any rentals and the Environment…  

      Mr. Thorsnes appears knowledgeable in the various aspects of residential Engineering and the Laws and Codes…   He (and his crews) are a pleasure to work with…  

Stewart W Koch, PE SF1008